The Wrong Focus Can Be The Death Of Your Business Before You Start Your Business

You will find that what I share with you is “hype free”, yet probably fun to follow. I intentionally pushed myself to keep this article “down and dirty simple” without any sugar talk what so ever.We all know that “knowledge is Power” and “Power is strength” I hear many people saying; ” I’m going to start a business, I took my business classes in the college, so I’m ready” Hmm, I’m not so sure about that.The problem is elementary, online or offline, there is no difference!Both are extremely difficult and sure, ask our full 100 % attention. If possible, we would love to have a person holding our hands and lead us through the process.That would be darn nice, don’t you think so? I wish I had that person next to me 30+ years ago I probably would now somewhere in the Caribbean Islands doing nothing. I don’t think so!Let me ask you a question. At a minimum have you looked around, done some research on the people who are successful in their business?

Did you do your due diligence or have you daydreaming day after day, after week, after month?Did you have printed already some business cards, did you contacted some people you know?Probably you might not be a social butterfly, but it really requires some contacts, some investigation, and sure an open mind without barriers.Are you aware of the fact that you have to get out and introduce yourself!Have you asked yourself what kind of business would you like to start or are you only chasing the tons of emails coming in your spam folder and feel like you can not miss out on one email because they are going to provide you with the “Golden” solution? Dream on!Listen, if you would be right now sitting in my office for some advice, I would tell you to make a list, short but effective, have your goals on paper, and would charge you $250. Tell you to wake up and be realistic!Most businesses fail today, not because they are always upon ideas and dreams, but because most people who would like to start a business for themselves do not focus on what truly makes the difference between success and failure.No matter what kind of business you have in mind, online or offline… it is all considered to be business. Doing your due diligence might take the mystery out of all the frustrations and disappointments!A little site step— Have you ever baked cookies, and when they were ready to eat, you almost passed out because they tasted terrible.WHY? Because you left out one ingredient, and here we are, you could dump all the cookies in the trash can—It’s exactly the same in any business, there is NO difference. If you leave out one ingredient YOU will NOT be able to boost YOUR business, YOUR sale! Of course now you are going to tell me that you took that business class at the college and/or university.

Does that mean that you are protected for all the pitfalls and ready to beat the big guys and know everything? “NO, you don’t”You have to learn innovative strategies for placing media in general to attract clients and repeating customers. For most startup new business success is a guessing game. All to often the end is very often disappointments and frustrations.Remember at all time, the pitfalls are in front of you, it’s like going to the sand desert, not realizing that the deadly snakes are barely covered ready to attack!In order to master the art of doing business, online or offline, you need to have access to the right tools and you need to know where to find them!I followup in the next article…Smiles and Cheers

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