Are You Called to Be a Life Coach?

You were born with a specific design and plan for your life. If you have a passion to create positive changes in the lives of others and the world, and if you have a burning desire to empower and inspire others forward, then you may have been called to coach. Think back to when you were younger. Did you find yourself naturally wanting to help others? Did you find yourself wanting to help promote positive change? And did you find yourself naturally being supportive of others?Do you now have a heart to help other achieve their dreams and goals? Do you feel led to empower people to break through obstacles, beat the odds and turn adversity into achievement? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you may have been called to be a life coach.

The calling to be a life coach is more than just a one-time feeling, but it is an inner reoccurring feeling that tugs and pulls at your heart. It is a feeling that even when you try to let go of it, it won’t let go of you. You may feel like you are a natural coach, but you need more structure to bring it all together. You may feel like you have been a coach all of your life, but you are just now starting to discover what coaching is. And you may feel like becoming a coach feels so right to you, and it is not just about feeling like it is right. But you may even have a gut feeling that becoming a life coach is one of the things you were born to do.Your caring and compassionate heart, dedication to making a difference, readiness to stop sitting on your gifts and talents, powerful life story and inspirational nature, can all open the door for you to be a successful coach. Nobody has the potential to do what you were born to do, so why not make a commitment to be all that you were created to be? If you have been called to be a life coach, then you have the inner ability to be an amazing, life changing coach, who leaves an impactful legacy.Many people are called to coach, but for one reason or another, not all of them will answer the call.I believe that when we don’t answer the call we feel like something is missing, and out of alignment. It may even mean that we don’t have the highest level of inner peace that we were designed to have, because something internally is out of balance. I think answering our call as a coach, is a very powerful step toward life satisfaction and fulfillment. For me, just to know that I am making a difference brings me an abundance of joy, and it makes me feel rewarded beyond anything that words can describe.

There is a burning question that many individuals ask themselves. And that question is, why am I here on earth? But sadly, sometimes individuals never discover why they are here on earth, and they leave the earth never fully understanding their true reason for living. But that doesn’t have to be your story. If you feel like you have been called to be a life coach, today is the day for you to answer that call.

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