Are You Thriving or Just Surviving in Your Coaching Business?

Have I ever told you the story of when I quit?It was almost two years into my new coaching business, I had made next to nothing. It was such a little amount in my mind that I tell people to this day that I made nothing in those first two years.At one point, my husband asked me to quit and go back to a J.O.B. This request came straight from fear of the lack we were feeling in our lives at that time, being financially strapped. It also came straight from the heart of pure love, seeing me work crazy hard day in and day out, and the pain that came from not being rewarded for my efforts.So I quit! Well, in a way. That day my business went from being corporate marketing which is what I was familiar with to all about Mindset, Marketing & Money which equated in my mind being simply wealthy in all areas of your life. I stepped into my unique brilliance to help other coaches turn their passions into profits.Little did I know at that time, my efforts would not go unrecognized.I wish to know what I do now, that I had embraced those small amounts that had come in and been thankful for the time that I got to soak up so much information. I would never in a million years suggest to you or one of my students to go that route, it’s too difficult, but there is no way that I would have the knowledge that I do now and be able to show up so fully for my clients today unless I had that time to absorb so much and experience what I did.

Today I teach to leverage your business first, let it grow as you evolve. You don’t have to have everything figured out, just be a couple of steps in front of your client.Your business is ever evolving just like your personal growth.Fast forward to today and you can ask any one of my students, they come to me with a mindset, money or marketing challenge and I’m able to help them through that. Is it because I know so much… ha, ha – no that isn’t the case. It’s because I walked in their shoes, I have plodded the course with the best of them and I never gave up.I NEVER gave up!Why didn’t I give up? Because I got complete clarity on what I was doing and why I was doing it and that was more important than any lack, financial stress or pain that I was feeling.Honestly, the funny part is, well not so funny… is that I had the answers back then. I teach today what I knew back then. And guess what? It works! Sure technology and new things float around, but nothing will ever replace having a strong Success Foundation. Applying this system and nothing else, and you will have 6+ figure business. It’s proven. My clients prove it. I’ve proven it. And, it doesn’t have to be crazy difficult, but it doesn’t mean that their won’t be challenges. It’s a business, expect it!It’s when we get stuck in our heads that we make it difficult. It doesn’t have to be this way, so let me help you get out of this place.Trust me, there were times when the pressure was so intense to go back to a corporate job that I DID think about it,(it actually made me physically sick to my stomach.) I just couldn’t do it. I had this knowing that if I just hung in there, all would pay off in the end and it did!What was the big turn around?I chose a camp! Yuhp, I quit looking for alternative ways, the magic pill, and stuck with what I knew and got absolute clarity and focus around what I had to offer and who I wanted to offer it to. And, I surrounded myself with other successful people.Trust me, working for someone else and having them pay me would be an easy route! But, it wasn’t the route for me and I bet if you are reading this, it’s not your destiny either.It wasn’t until recently that I figured out that not every marketer can help with mindset challenges, which is 90% of this game. And, not every healer can help with marketing and without that you will never get your message out to help those that you are meant to.The success of your business is a beautiful balance between:

Clarity on what it is that you are trying to accomplish (with EVERY project).

WHO it is that has this problem you are so well equipped to solve.

Your deeper WHY – the driving force behind it all and your Unique Brilliance.

Your specialty, your “thing” that you love to share with others.

Combined with your unique personality – quirks and all!

This winning combo will have you THRIVING vs. just SURVIVING.But, Deb I know all of this! And, it still isn’t coming together…Yes, I get it. Remember, I’ve been there too.So what’s the answer? Well, one I challenge you to ask yourself are your REALLY in tune with your unique brilliance and who you serve, the pain that you so easily help them overcome and the real reason for doing everything in your business?If you have complete clarity on this, then my next question is this:”What are you so afraid of?” Seriously, what is stopping you from connecting every single day to the people who need you?You say you want to help others and you are passionate about what you do, but if you aren’t serving these people for fear of stepping up and connecting with them (notice how I didn’t say selling) then you are doing everyone a disservice.You are leaving yourself high and dry and ditching the people that are just waiting for you! That just doesn’t sound fair to me on either side.

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