Do Not Settle for ‘Ordinary’

How often do you aim for greatness in life?It might seem like a strange question but just give it some thought.When I say ‘greatness’ I also mean ‘the best’.This could mean anything.Take something very simple like your groceries each week. When you are choosing which items to put into your basket, are you first considering price or quality?There must have been occasions when you know you prefer a certain brand because it tastes better but you opt for the cheaper version to save the money.When you eat that cheaper version, was it worth the few cents you saved to not have the variety that you actually like the taste of much better?Was it worth settling for the inferior product?.This is a very simple example but it is an indicator of how you view yourself and your position in life.Of course, most of us are not lucky enough to be in a position where we can proclaim that ‘money is no problem’, but it is still interesting to analyse what we do, out of habit, and consider how it reflects on our self esteem or view of what we think we are.It seems natural to explain to people why we are careful about the money we spend, but what is strange is the reaction we feel we would get if we said, “to hell with the few extra dollars, I am buying the more expensive versions because I actually like them better.”

You can almost hear the comments now about how extravagant people will think you are or how wasteful you are with your money.The most worrying aspect of that is that those opinions of other people will influence what we buy. We don’t want to be viewed like that. We want people to think we are good and sensible.Remember, I am talking about something trivial, like the cost of ketchup.But this mindset runs through your entire life.Back to my original question.How often do you aim for greatness?How many times have you told yourself that you are going to have the best holiday, the best job, the best house, the best clothes… the best life?Just because the natural ‘default’ position seems to be to expect ‘average’ or ‘mediocre’, doesn’t mean you have to settle for that yourself.If other people want to go through life feeling frustrated at being surrounded by ordinary, that doesn’t mean you have to go along with it.Everyone has an ability for greatness. To be awesome.It is down to each individual to aim for it and then actually do it.It’s easier said than done, I understand that, but, as Jim Rohn said, “If you will change nothing, nothing will change.”Read that quote again and understand it.It doesn’t say that if you want things to change you should sit back and hope. It says that if you want things to change then you have to make it happen.Mediocre lives are for mediocre people.Has anyone ever given you categoric proof that you are only allowed to be mediocre? I’m guessing not.That means that you can choose to be awesome. You can decide that you want greatness in your life.You have probably guessed that buying more expensive groceries doesn’t achieve that.Your greatness is going to come from making big changes. Attitudes, mindset, how you earn your living, how you view money, etc…It may seem daunting to think about, which is why I would recommend a mentor. Somebody who knows what it is like to be in the mediocre mindset but also knows what it takes to change that and move towards greatness.

You will find that it is nowhere near as scary as you might imagine and greatness is achievable by just about anyone, as long as they are willing to remove themselves from that mindset that ‘mediocre is OK’.Mediocre is NOT OK.If we were put on this world to be mediocre, what’s the point?If you can accept that we all have the ability to achieve some sport of greatness, then why would we not want to achieve it? Surely we are obliged to at least try to fulfil our potential?And, in conclusion, if you DON’T think you have the ability for greatness, I want you to ask yourself why you think that.Is it because you absolutely know that you have nothing to offer? Or is it that you have just been programmed all your life to settle for mediocre, be grateful for what you have and not aspire to be more?Asking yourself that sort of question can be the first step towards greatness.Maybe I’ll see you there…

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