Don’t Wait, Create Your Own Possibilities

In business as in our personal lives, we have to create our own possibilities.Our drive and optimism derives from the idea of what is possible. It’s the excitement of creation, of knowing, of building, of making things happen.Think back to your childhood.Did you dream of becoming wealthy, to have what you wanted easily within your reach?What has your quest revealed to you – have you achieved those dreams? Easily? With difficulty? Not at all?Do you continue to strive, or have you let dreams fall by the wayside, fearful to indulge them lest they disappoint you?Why does it seemed to come so naturally and easily for some people and not others? For some it’s second nature, for others it’s never. Do you believe it’s a learning process and something you can achieve – whatever it is you’re after?

Whether you believe it comes naturally or that it can be learned, you do know what you want to create. If you were to let go of all the reasons ‘why not’ and just let your mind roam freely, you’d know exactly what your dreams are.Knowing is sometimes way more difficult than achieving. Once you know what you want, it’s starts to set in motion to move toward you. Your job is to be open and willing to receive.That’s not as easy as it sounds – our self-censor is a pretty powerful force and I believe we can easily get in our own way and we often do. It’s a bit of self-protection, granted, but it’s really ‘protecting’ us from our own abundant good!And, it’s not in the things… you know, the bigger and better and more.Instead of working for and towards those things, try to improve the quality of your life, moving toward a new harmony, a new balance.All that stuff that you hear in your mind are stories that you’re telling yourself which under less stretch would be quiet and remain in the unconscious. But under the stress they start to – it hits the play button on the old tapes and now you get to hear your own limiting self-­esteem beliefs.

Change is possible and the solutions I seek and the action I want to take are already possible within me.Explore the possibilities you can create, unearth what really speaks to you. Innovation is not dead. Not by a long shot. It comes from the unspoiled face of the earth; the learning we gain and our power to communicate are all works of art.Our own internal works that when we externalize them to the world become the most inspiring vision there is – for you and for everyone you come in contact with.

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