Live From Your Heart

The words within your mind can always have a great impact in your life. When you are reaching and thinking conclusions within your mind, the words that you are using create a powerful impact on your own emotions.The words that you speak are reflections of your beliefs and thoughts. Once you learn to change the manner of your thinking, you can also change your way of speaking and feeling. Through changing the way that you speak and the feelings along with it, you can always enact great and positive changes in your life.Your success and your failure often depend on the words that you speak and the vibration(feelings) you send out. If you want to become successful in your life, you always have a choice. Speak positively and you will see positive results in your life today and in the future. Most people underestimate the great power of words and feelings behind the words. Sometimes, we miss how our words are setting a tone. Just a single word can make a person’s day, or even shatter it. Words can destroy, and it can also build something. Our words can create a great impact on the lives of other people and also to ourselves. We may not know it but sometimes, the words that come from our mouth can make a great change in the lives of other people.

This is our main advantage and like a sword, our thoughts, words, and feelings also have two edges; one is to create the greatest and the most beautiful dream, and the other is to destroy things around you.

Your words, depending on how you use them have great effects. Sometimes, you are also hurting yourself through your thoughts. Please understand that we are creators with our Thoughts, Words, and Feelings, these creative tools can influence your behavior, actions and your outlook towards life.

Your spoken words that come with great emotions have an ultimate power of bringing change. Your future sometimes depends on what you feel, you think, and you speak.

The great power of words primarily lies within their meaning to one person. This is far more than just a simple way of communicating, we are speaking of the creative process. Our creative faculties of thoughts, words, and the emotion behind it powers in transforming our behaviors and thinking and our life as well. Being consciously aware is the key to change.

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