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5 Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Commercial Electrician in Michigan

Unfortunately for your business, finding a reliable commercial electrician in Michigan is not exactly a walk in the park. Having someone trustworthy in control of the electrical system of the building you own or operate from is nevertheless one of the crucial aspects of being at the helm of your company.

So before you hire a commercial electrician in Michigan, ask them the following 5 questions:

  1. How Experienced Are You When It Comes to Commercial Electrical Services? 

If your commercial electrical system wasn’t a liability waiting to happen, you wouldn’t be interviewing an electrician at all. You need to know whether or not the company you’re considering is capable of performing expensive upgrades and major installations, and the only way you can know that is if you ask them about their work experience. Trusty electricians are in business for a long time.

  1. Do You Provide Certified Electrical Services? Are You Licenced and Insured? 

Never settle for a commercial electrician in Michigan if the company they are working for isn’t licensed and insured. A working certificate provides proof that they are indeed experts in their field, as well as that they are able to successfully tackle any new challenges. As for insurance, you need to know that every work performed in your building will be completed in a safe and responsible way.

  1. Do You Have any Prior Experience with Commercial Projects Similar to Mine?

You’d surprised how many electrical contractors in Michigan and beyond spend their careers doing the usual job that every savvy adult should be able to do on their own. Being experienced in small-scale repairs and installations is not a guarantee of expertise and reliability, so make sure that your contractors-to-be boast a thick portfolio of large and complicated projects similar to your own. 

  1. How Much Time Will It Take You to Bring This Project to Completion?

This question should help you determine two things. First, the electrician’s answer should tell you whether or not they have a good idea of what’s going to be involved in the project. If they don’t, then that’s not such a good sign, right? Second, their answer should let you know for how long you’ll be out of business until the project is completed. This information is crucial to you as a businessman.

  1. Can You Walk me Though Your Pricing or Offer Me a Quota Prior to the Job?

Although prices are not a foolproof indicator of quality in this sector, you need to know how much of your money will go into repairing, updating, and maintaining your electrical system. A quote from an electrician will allow you to plan ahead, but also to contrast and compare this company’s pricing with their competitors’. A good electrician should be able to give you a clear explanation of their pricing.

If you’re looking for a trustworthy commercial electrician in Michigan, then don’t settle for anything less than a certified and insured company with a fair amount of experience in complex electrical projects. If the electrician can also walk you through the project plan and cost, feel free to hire them.

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