The Many Uses of a Tractor

The first known use of a tractor can be dated back to 1812. Back then, the tractor was known as a “barn engine” and was used to drive a corn threshing machine. This machine was first designed by Richard Trevithick and it was a semi-portable stationary steam engine. The “barn engine” has seen much innovation since then and the tractor is now used for many different purposes and comes in a variety of shapes, sized, and horsepower.

The idea of farming as a hobby was first met with criticism and skepticism. Farming has been known as hard work that was tough for a long time. Farmers back in the day could not fathom the idea of people farming for a hobby. Some of the old school farmers never thought that a tractor could ever replace a good team of horses. That has proven to be wrong and even though farming is now somewhat a part-time or recreational activity, much thought is still required when it comes to selecting the farming equipment.

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You might not need a giant tractor with an overabundance of horsepower. Maybe a small garden tractor can be more than enough to meet your needs. This largely depends on what you will be using the tractor for. One of the most common uses of a tractor in a farm in the mowing of heavy brush. For these kinds of jobs, a medium duty 5 to 6 feet wide brush hog would be sufficient. It can be enough for most pasture and trail maintenance. You need to be sure that your attachment matches the horsepower of your tractor.

A benefit of using a tractor is the many options that are available. The wide range options can suit specific tasks and requirements. Tractors are now available in compact and sub-compact sizes and their horsepower can range from 15hp to a few hundred horsepower. The smaller 15 to 40 horsepower tractors can be used for heavy duty landscaping jobs like digging, hauling, or ploughing on large gardens. The subcompact tractors can perform many gardening tasks such as moving mulch, mowing, and tilling gardens. The larger tractor are known as utility tractor and they are used for complex farming tasks. These tractors are usually diesel fueled and have a horsepower spectrum of 45hp to 110hp. You can find more information that can help you decide on which tractor is best for you here.

There are many farmers all across the nation. If you live in the Indiana area, you can find a tractor near you by typing tractors for sale indiana in your favorite search engine. A fantastic use for a tractor is also land clearing.

The tractors can be used to clear heavy brush, trees, rocks and other debris for crops or pasture. The tractor can provide the extra muscle that you need to do all of these heavy-duty tasks. You can attach a plow, disk, seed drill or cultivator to your tractor to help you accomplish different tasks on your to do list.


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