Long Term Care – Understanding Long Term Care Services

Long term care is the total care given to a person who is suffering from a disease that keeps a person from active life. Though a lot of people assume that long term care is for old folks only, but it is also for sick folk who can’t take care of themselves.The various services aim at helping people with terminal situations deal with limitations that is caused by their inability to lead a normal life. The services include:o Home care- they help to do the household chores and generally take care of the house. Can be given by friends relatives or paid professionals. They also provide nursing care. Short term skilled home care (provided by skilled personnel) is covered by Medicare. It is called home health care. A variation of this is the hospice care that is given to people who are terminally ill.

o Nursing Homes- for people who have health issues and need to be watched and taken care of on a constant basis. Most of these people cannot be taken care of by their families or communities. The nursing homes provide meals, social activities, skilled nursing care, rehabilitaton, and assistance in daily living. They can also provide care for people for a short termo Companion and personalized care. They provide care for people in a home setting. Most people who do not want to leave their home environment benefit from this. They provide 24-hour supervision, meals, assistance in bathing, dressing, eating, health care services, laundry, shopping and every household chore that is necessary. They also provide social and recreational activities.o Community Services: This service caters for not only the people who receive care but the care givers. Their services include adult day care, senior citizens centers, transportation, meals and sundry services. For folks with ailments like Alzheimer’s disease, who still want to continue living in their communities, these services provide a safe environment for them to stay during the day. They provide social, health and other support services. This enables the care givers to also have time to catch their breaths and be refreshed to come back and continue to take care of them.

It is very important for one to prepare for any eventuality in life. Check out different insurance sites and get quotes on long term care. It is good to get the policy now because you might need it at retirement.

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