Radon Monitoring System in House Basement

Radon Testing Should Be Done in Homes Across the United States

Radon Monitoring System in House Basement

Many people still do not understand the hazards of radon gases. Radon gases are very dangerous to people and may be in your basement. Radon is easily inhaled without you even knowing you are breathing it into your body. Radon levels differ from one state to another and even from one spot in a state to another. Radon can build up in buildings and in low places like the basements of homes. Ground water can also end up with radon in it and has been found in some hot springs and spring waters.

Studies have shown that individuals who have been exposed to radon in a high concentration level have developed lung cancer. The indoor air quality is affected by radon and it is worldwide. According to the EPA, 21,000 individuals die from radon gases each year. Roughly 3,000 of those people have never smoked. That ranks radon as the number two cancer killer, second only to smokers. Among nonsmokers, radon is the number one lung cancer killer.

As radon is decaying it produces particles or elements known as daughters of radon. If these particles stick to dust particles, they stay in the air all the time. This is how people are breathing them in and being affected by radon. These particles also lead to people getting lung cancer.

Radon could be in your home or your child’s school without anyone knowing it is there. In the United States, lung cancer is a very dangerous cancer. It is estimated that 25 per cent of homes in the United States is affected by radon in some way or another. There is no smell to radon, so people do not even know that it is in their home, place or work or their kid’s schools. The best news is that radon can be tested.

It is said that 1 in 3 homes in Utah have high radon gas levels. Salt Lake City homes seem to have an extremely high level of radon. Salt lake city ut services for radon testing should be done in your home no matter how long you have lived there. Radon is odorless, tasteless, and not able to be seen by the naked eye.

Professionals can come into your home with radon test kits and test the air quality in your home. It will only take a couple of days to get the test results back. The professionals are certified and have tested many homes in the area. If the levels are above the 2.7 levels that are considered acceptable levels, then the levels will need to be fixed. It is not hard to fix radon levels. Every homeowner should have their home tested.

A radon mitigation system or reduction systems can be installed under your foundation to eliminate the radon. The professionals will install pipes that will carry the radon fumes out from under your home. They will get the radon level down to 1.0 or lower, guaranteed. Once the pipes are laid, the system will last for the life of your home and protect your family.

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