What A Terms Of Service Agreement Is & Its Importance

Terms Of Service is a very important legal agreement between two parties and is normally overlooked by all of us when signing up for services online. Most people don’t know what the online Terms Of Service Agreement is and don’t even care. Most people generally just put a check mark in the box and move on. Terms Of Service is an agreement you are agreeing to before you are able to use a service and is a legal binding agreement between you and the party providing the service. This article is intended to provide basic information about what Terms & Services are and why they might be important to all of us. This is not legal advice, just information.

Terms Of Service can be abbreviated as TOS or ToS. Online statistics have shown that most people signing up for services online spend between one and three seconds viewing a Terms Of Service from the time it is presented until the time we agree to them. The agreement is mainly used on websites and internet service providers who store their user’s private information. What websites do with this information is found in the website’s Privacy Policy. These agreements are carefully drafted to de-rail specific issues if any were to arise.One of the most important reasons for a website to have a Terms Of Service Agreement is because it defines the relationship between the site and its user and sets out who may use the site because that user must agree before they are able to use the service being provided.Another important reason for a website owner to have a Terms Of Service on their website is so both parties have a clear understanding about the service provided. When Terms Of Service is not clear to the buyer, this is sometimes a sign of the website possibly hiding something from their customers like extra fees not mentioned anywhere else on the site. It is also not a good sign when the website has there Terms Of Service in all CAPS because the document becomes the texture of the website and very hard to read, especially if it is 300 or so pages, which is another sign of something not good.

Furthermore a TOS Agreement is also very important to website owners because they are the owner of their logo, content, website design, and just about everything on their website and limits liability for website owners if errors exist. As a TOS is also designed to prevent different types of abuse, the document gives the website owner’s permission to terminate accounts if ever needed and normally mentions how customers can terminate their own account if they wish to no longer have the service.

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