5 Reasons You Need a Resume

A job resume is a critical component to any situation in which an individual is looking for a job. If you do not have a resume yet, now is the time to put one on paper. Any human resource department is likely to ask job applicants for this document. If you think that you can use the same old version you used five years ago, think again. There is no doubt that having this document is a must, but an updated version is just as important.#1 – Keyword SearchOne of the reasons you need a well-designed job resume is because it will afford you the ability to get into the computers that many human resource departments use to screen job applicants. If you do not have a keyword search amplified resume, you are unlikely to get the job call back. In short, you need to include the right words about your job skills in your resume so that in a keyword search, your resume shows up.

#2 – Define Your ObjectiveOn that document, be sure to list a job objective. This is a very well thought out statement about what your career goals are. It tells the human resource manager what you are looking for and lets that individual determine if the company can offer what you need.#3 – Showcase Your Job SkillsA job resume also needs to showcase your job skills. These are the job skills that the company needs (hopefully you have matched them directly to the job ad you are responding to) and they are skills that you can easily demonstrate. Every employer is looking for this information.#4 – Your AchievementsYour job resume should also provide a specific list of your job achievements. This means having a documented, concrete example of what you have accomplished on the job. This could be your sales records, your training program, or the fact that you impressed the customer.

#5 – It Is MissingIf your job resume is missing from an application, the human resource department may see this as an incomplete application. You may not even be considered as a job applicant at that point. If it is missing, you may simply never get another thought.

When it comes down to it, a job resume is a must have. Take the time to ensure yours is up to date and able to communicate your needs with the human resource department.

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