Are You Sabotaging Your Job Search?

You are working hard to find a job. You have put in job resume after job resume with various companies. You’ve answered many of the job ads. And yet, you are not getting the results you want from your job search. It could be that you are doing big or small things that are sabotaging your job search. You probably have no idea you are doing them either. Before you put too much time into the wrong thing, take a few minutes to avoid the following mistakes and you may find a job easier than you thought.How Is Your Job Resume?The biggest mistakes that employees make when creating a job resume is not using the wrong template. It is not forgetting job search keywords. Both of these things are very important, but they are not the most important mistakes to avoid. Rather, many hiring managers toss out applications because they contain grammar errors, spelling mistakes, or missing information. Did you really take the time to ensure your job resume shines?

How Is Your Social Media Presence?Another area of concern is your social media presence. Did you know that employers and hiring managers often look at an employee’s social media presence to better understand who this person is? Do you hang out at bars and talk about using drugs? If so, that’s a big turnoff. Do you spend half of your posts bashing your current employer? That will also hurt your chances during a job search. Rather than do this, ensure your social media presence provides a clear indication of who you are as a potential employee.What About Your Attitude?You may be exhausted from your search. You may find that your job resume is good enough because you are just so tired of working hard to get that job interview. If you have a bad attitude, especially during a phone or in-person job interview, you will lose the position. Try and remain positive about the job search, as well as what it means to you.

What you may not realize is that the process is often complicated not by the hiring managers or a bad resume, but rather by you, the person in the job search. If you put on the right frame of mind and work hard to reduce these risks, you’ll be more likely to land the job that you really want to have. The key is remaining positive throughout the job search.

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