Get Hired As A Legal Secretary – How To Write A Covering Letter

The truth is that most recruiters are extremely pressed for time and have to scan many covering letters quickly. They will look for key words and assume that candidates making no mention of their specific legal experience are unsuitable. This may be untrue but the resume doesn’t get read and candidates fail to make the recruiter’s shortlist. This article will explore the best techniques to write a killer covering letter and land a job as a legal secretary.Why A Professionally Written Covering Letter?It can be tempting to pay a firm to write a covering letter for you. If you have been firing off lots of resumes and hearing nothing back, there may be an issue with your writing style, layout or content. The cause is hard to determine as recruiters who trash your resume on account of the covering letter will never contact you with reasons; they are up against tight deadlines to get short-lists created. Don’t just hire anyone to write your covering letter. It can be a great investment but you should demand to know what experience the writer has. You should inquire whether they have any knowledge or understanding of the legal industry and as for referrals of satisfied customers.

What Do You Want?Although a professionally written letter can help; does the writer ask you what you want from your career? How will they help you write a covering letter to find the best job for you if they don’t know your particular strengths? Do they even ask what sort of environment you want to work in and the area of law you are most interested in? Any writer who fails to ask you this basic information should be given an extremely wide birth; they may be a great writer but their covering letter writing service won’t help you land your dream job.How To Build Your Covering LetterTo improve and update your current covering letter you should begin by working on the opening paragraph as this is all some recruiters ever bother to read. You must skillfully find a way to outline your specific legal experience and make sure that you accentuate your expertise in the exact skills the job is advertising for. Remember, the recruiter has pored over writing the best job advert in order to find the perfect candidate. They expect a potential candidate to match the job description very closely; re-read the advert to get a sense of the key words the recruiter might be scanning for.

How To Get ShortlistedYou should always use keywords that refer to the vacancy you are applying for. Keep this advice in mind when writing your covering email as well. You want to let the recruiter know, as succinctly as possible how your experience and expertise makes you a perfect match for the job. You need to be as brief as possible to catch the recruiter’s attention and leave them in no doubt that your resume is one to investigate further. When you send your covering letter to a recruiter, it won’t be the only one they read that day, but if you follow these tips it will certainly grab their attention.

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