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This article is designed to inform you of which search strategies are the most successful and which are not. We will also discuss some ways to maximize your efforts when employing some of these strategies.First, we will focus on the search methods with a rather low rate of success. One such method is the internet. While some people do find a job this way, the likelihood is very low. Companies will often post a job opening and forget to remove it when the job has been filled. Also, they may receive thousands of resumes for one single position and it may be very difficult to get yours noticed among so many. Another factor to consider when sending a resume over the internet is that the program used to save the resume may not be compatible with the program the company is using to open the resume. The result is that they may never be able to view it. While you may still want to spend some time searching for jobs online, it would probably be in your best interest to limit the time you spend doing so, to a smaller amount of time than you spend on other search methods, which have a higher rate of success. Also, you may want to use the daytime business hours on other methods of search. For example, if you plan to make phone calls, you will want to do that during the normal office hours for most businesses.

Another method of search is newspaper ads. Just as in the case of the internet search method, newspaper ads tend to yield rather low success rates for finding a job. While you may be able to find out about some potential job openings this way, it would then be wise to follow up with the most successful method, which is networking. There are a few things to keep in mind as search newspaper ads. If an ad does not mention a company name, they are probably a recruiter or staffing agency trying to fill their talent pool or even trying to sell you something. Local and national trade journals are usually a better source for job leads than a newspaper, so don’t forget to look at those.Recruitment firms and agencies can be helpful in your job search with success results typically around 15%. You will not want to focus all of your time on this method but spending some time here can be helpful. Remembering a few tips about recruiters can increase your results. It is important to understand that recruiters don’t go out and find a job for you. They simply match resumes to jobs that they are trying to fill. If you are an apparent match they will call you, but if not they may move on rather quickly. It may be more beneficial to develop a long term relationship with a couple of good recruiters in your field so that they will think of you when a potential job matching your skills opens up.There is the direct approach search method, which still has its advantages. While stopping by a company that you have targeted for employment, you may be able to pick up some promotional material and even fill out an application while you are there. However, do not rely solely upon the application to get yourself noticed. Be sure to pay attention to the name of any person you talk to so that if you call back you can ask for that person and begin to network within the company. Also, take note of how any employees are dressed in case you are eventually able to attain an interview.The results seen from investing time and money in mass mailings is so low that you would probably be better off not putting any effort at all into them. However, if you choose to do so, your time would be better spent by emailing rather than a mail campaign. At least that way you will not be spending any money. But don’t waste too much time here as it is most likely not going to pay off.The last and most effective method that we will discuss, is networking. This method alone will most often yield results that will equal or even surpass the results of all the other methods combined! It is the number one way to find a new job. It is estimated that approximately 60% of all jobs attained are done so through networking. Networking is the process of developing professional and personal relationships and contacts in order to share information that may be helpful to one or both parties. A great way to begin networking is to set up an informational meeting with someone who has the type of job that you ultimately want to get. By talking with someone in that industry, you can begin to develop contacts in that field. When you build relationships with someone in that field you may very likely find out about a job opening from them and they may mention you as a referral when they hear of a potential opening. The purpose of the meeting is not to ask for a job, but rather to begin building relationships and to find out information.

As you continue your search, you will likely use some or all of these methods at some point. Be sure to focus on the more effective methods the most. And even when using some of the less effective methods, you may be able to turn them into a networking opportunity.Copyright Fernando RatkoczyThe Successful Job Search Center

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