What to Include in an Email Cover Letter

An email cover letter is an important tool for anyone applying for a job. When applying for a job, you need to get the attention of the hiring manager in some way. Since many people apply online today, rather than applying through the mail or in person, it is critical to use the content of your email to get the hiring manager to open up the job resume attached to it. That’s not as easy as it sounds when there are so many other people competing with you for the job.What to Put Into ItThere are several key things to do when creating an email cover letter. When applying for a job, start by addressing the job number or other job description in the subject header along with your name and the word resume after it. For example, you might say, “Hiring Manager Position, John Doe Resume.” Be specific about what the email is about and leave out the sales language.

Next, address the hiring manager formally. If possible, look at the job description, find the hiring manager’s name, and include that in the salutation. This makes it less formal and gives your email a more personal feel. When applying for a job without the name of the hiring manager, and you’ve done all you can to find it, use a more formal greeting.The first paragraph needs to identify the reason for the email. This should state what position you are applying for specifically. Then, state one or two sentences that lure the reader in and answer the question, “Why should the hiring manager care?” Keep this very short and to the point.In the next component of the email cover letter, you need to address some key points for the reader to consider. Did you accomplish anything at your previous job? Do you have advanced job skills? Do your job skills have proven success, such as breaking sales records, increasing profits, or reducing turnover? In the next paragraphs, showcase (even in bullet points) what you truly have to offer.

The key way to finish the email cover letter is with a call to action. Tell the hiring manager what you want him or her to do now. You might state that you are looking forward to formally applying for a job in person or you may ask for the job interview. When you craft your email in this way, it gets attention and you may get the job interview you need.

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