Carrier Bags Are Perfect Promotional Products

Carrier bags are great to promote your brand. Customers can carry products bought from your shop. They are also helpful as promotional giveaways at conferences and events. The more customers you offer carrier bags the further the outreach for your brand.

The custom reusable bags and eco-friendly carrier bags can be got from Custom Earth Promos at affordable rates. You can contact them for information on bulk buying. Some of the good reasons to choose carrier bags as a useful marketing tool are given below.


Several kinds of carrier bags can be a little pricey but the standard ones are cheap. New businesses can kick-start their promotional efforts with lower budgets as well as save the spending of millions on advertising.

Easy promotion

Consumers need to enjoy a brand experience, while they unbox. A branded and customized carrier bag in terms of size, color, and style will create a memory. You are offering a packaging material. It is a way of saying, ‘we value our customer’s business with us’. Sending the right message matters a lot!


Carrier bags designed from reusable materials are beneficial. The receiver will not throw it away after a single use. It is a valuable promotional item because the carrier bag will be reused multiple times. The receiver will promote you as the bag will go wherever he/she goes. It is free marketing for years!

Some things you will need to consider while choosing the carrier bags. You are going to purchase in bulk, so it is necessary to get familiar with the following factors.

  • Which is the perfect promotional bag? After you determine the ideal bag, you need to think about the thickness and different sizes. If you choose a small size then opt for standard handles and the big ones add strong handles, so they don’t tear under pressure.
  • How many bags are needed at the moment? If you underestimate then you can experience a shortage of bag supply and you will need to reorder but buying in bulk is a cost-effective option. If you overestimate then there will be a need to look for storage space.
  • Do you desire a plain or printed or a logo on the bag? If you opt for branded options then you will need to spend more but your promotional efforts get strengthened. Unique carrier bag designs will help to leave a good impression.
  • What is your budget? If you can afford then choose multiple colors. Besides, you will also need more budget to ensure that the bag is strong and durable.

Carrier bag types

  • Vest carrier – Low-quality & cheap
  • Duffel bags – Spacious and stylish, sporty & young look
  • Punched handle carrier – perfect for carrying light items
  • Counter bag – Paper or plastic bag for packing delicatessens and sandwich
  • Flexible handle carrier – Stronger than punched handle because the handle is separately attached yet a low cost alternative


  • Paper bags
  • Cotton bags
  • Plastic carrier bags

Get familiar with the carrier bag basics before you go shopping for promotional bags!

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