Want to Become a Rockster Freelance Writer? Don’t Miss This Article to Read

In the modern times, to be a rockster freelance writer you must write in a plain language so that the readers can understand your writing very easily. For this, you must think directly, plan directly, and write directness: easily saying what you want to say, avoiding unnecessary quibbles. Perhaps you are thinking it’s easy. But unfortunately it isn’t. It’s not very easy to express thoughts easily, unless you have much experience in thinking and much command language and writing techniques.In order to know how to write directly, you must know before-hand what obscures your writing. Insufficient knowledge of the topic or theme is sure to make your writing obscure. So, before writing, make sure that you clearly know what you are writing about. Develop your idea well enough. Gather the needed information and plan what information is to be used in what stage. Again, insufficient knowledge of the language and vocabulary may cause unwanted obscurity. So, learn the language in which you are writing. A good technique of avoiding such a problem is to use the structures and vocabulary you know well, rather than those about which you have doubt. If you consciously follow this technique, there is every possibility that you will make few mistakes. Surprisingly, people who know English well also often make their writing obscure and incomprehensible. It is because in most of the cases they tend to exceed themselves. They just do not want to be themselves. They feel so conceited that they think they should write better than they can.

Consequently, they use tough words and expressions deliberately to confuse their readers by their “erudition”. The result? Nothing but bad writing and incomplete communication. Another major cause of obscure writing is people’s tendency to imitate others. Some writers want to follow the techniques of some famous writers. And, undoubtedly, imitation makes people inferior to themselves. And the result is obvious: they can never create their own style of writing. Mind you, unless you can perceive that you are writing in your own way, you cannot write clearly and directly. So, observe others styles, but follow and stick to your own.

If, however, you must follow someone at least in part, then do it with care: learn his or her style very well until you think that the style in your own, not his or hers. That is, you have to “naturalize” that writer’s style.

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