Can Exercise Help Treat Erectile Dysfunction?

For a man there is nothing more embarrassing than suffering from erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction was related to old age in which the blood vessels or veins were unable to pump sufficient amount of blood into the penis chambers and create an erection. But in modern times people of younger age are also falling prey to erectile dysfunction the prime reason for this is the increase in bad habits that include alcohol, smoking, recreational drugs etc. Also a person taking prescription drugs for a longer time can suffer from erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction is a bodily disorder which makes the life of a person quite pathetic because if it’s not treated at the right time the person suffering from it tend to generate stress and start to cut off from his social groups. The psychological symptoms takes a toll on the person more than the physical ones. People take help of many treatments and alternatives to curb erectile dysfunction and get their life back on normal track.

There are treatments available for erectile dysfunction out of which surgery is the most efficient. Some of the surgical treatment involve penile implants and vascular surgery. Some other treatments include medication like Viagra or generic Cialis. Both these medicines are member of the group called phosphodiesterase- 5.

But taking Cialis generic or Viagra is not the permanent solution as it let the person maintain erection till the time he continue to take medicine. Vacuum devices are also the preferred choice of people who do not want to go under the knife or take medicines. The vacuum devices makes the penis rigid with the help of vacuum and an accompanying band is used to stop the blood from going back.

Beside this people also take help of therapies to treat this embarrassing body disorder. People go through psychological sessions to know the root cause of the budding disorder. Every treatment that is used to treat erectile dysfunction has its own advantages and disadvantages.

There is also a discussion among people whether exercise can help fight against erectile dysfunction. Many researches have shown that people who do not exercise or doesn’t involve in physical activities tend to suffer from ED symptoms. But the facts behind this statement need more research to be done. There are certainly some exercises which can reduce the effect of erectile dysfunction.

Apart from carrying out the general exercises few times a week, one exercise known as Kegel exercise has been found to be very effective in reducing the symptoms of erectile dysfunction to a certain limit. Kegel is a pelvic exercise that strengthen the muscles responsible for pumping the blood to the penis during erection.

Pelvic muscles can be found out by stopping urine two or three time when you urinate. The muscles which work during this process are the pelvic floor muscles and you have to train these muscles.  It is similar to the exercise a pregnant women does during pregnancy to tighten the lower abdomen. Beside the Kegel exercise aerobic exercises like brisk walk or jog can help make blood circulation better.

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