Unconventional Blueprint

On a hot, humid day in Atlanta, Georgia, I had a conversation with myself.”How did I arrive at 21 years on the job and do I now have sufficient income to justify my hard work?” “Should I challenge myself to pursue income through unconventional ways?” “What factors contribute to having access to multiple streams of money?” How does societal factors play an obtaining other streams of income?According to Wikipedia, Ralph Waldo Emerson, he writes: “He says that only a man who is self-reliant will be successful and any outside influences would take away from personal satisfaction.”This quote is crucial for me since it answers most of my questions moving forward.For example, it’s not about one silver bullet shooting into sky, it’s about how can I rely on myself to ensure the results for my life.

There are three factors to consider for a successful blueprint: self-reliance, personal responsibility, and making your own decisions.1. Self-reliance is crucial to all successful people. Knowing that to get things done, you have to rely on yourself. It’s important to take the lead. For instance, if you are pursuing a college degree and the tuition have increase. The idea would be to save the money to offset the increase or borrow money for a student loan. Some might argue that if I can borrow from my parents, which helps me not accumulate debt after graduation. Unfortunately, self-reliance means the individual takes control without involving others.2. Personal responsibility is the ability to be held responsible for your own actions and decisions. For example, if you have been given a vehicle and the car is total before it’s paid off, the individual must replace the car. What if my credit and income is insufficient? Here again, the individual must find someone who is willing to be a co signer. No guarantees.3. W.I.T. – Whatever It Takes- This strategy is a win-win situation. It means that an individual will accept a job that they don’t love, just to make ends meet. Abraham Lincoln said, “I will prepare and someday my chance will come.” This strategy doesn’t require settling for anything, it’s taking one day at time until you reach your goal. The key word is “whatever.”

The blueprint for success is a variety of factors, which propels us into our success. It doesn’t require societal approval, yet in still; it places the individual at the heart of success. It doesn’t compare to others definition of success, timelines or socioeconomic status; it relies totally on the individual. Our master teacher reminds us, 2 Peter I: 3 He has given us everything we need.With all three factors, an individual can tap into their God speed blueprint and cultivate it until one is fully satisfied with the results. It is solely a blueprint that is given to all at birth, which is the same as a fingerprint. It fits only one person in the world.

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