Best Tips to Write Police Reports Efficiently

Central to writing good police field notes has been developing the abilities to outline key facts related to observed behaviors as well as events that occurred. It is certainly a big challenge to write a proper police report describing the people and events to others who were not present at that time. By creating contemporaneous notes as soon as possible one can be able to write the police note that should be:• Clear and brief

• Precise and concise

• Complete and accurate

• Readable with acceptable grammar

• Completed on timeCreating notes recommends that you would be able to devote much time towards developing highest quality writing.To write more efficient reports:

You may complete the paperwork more efficiently and quickly by using the following tips:Names and pronouns:Expressions like ‘victim’, ‘above mentioned witness’, ‘this officer’ are now out dated terms as they were totally confusing. Earlier police officers were taught to use impersonal terminologies but it become vague especially in case when multiple people are involved in the case. All such things can create problem when these contemporaneous notes are going to be utilized in legal proceedings. Therefore the better police notes involve events and names to make the document more solid.1 sentence – 1 idea:Make short sentences that contain a single idea in each sentence. This will lower the probability of mistake and will make the report more simple, easy and understandable. This strategy has also been proved good while taking nursing notes.A strong start:It would be more impressive to start the report with name of person thing or place. This will make the people and events clearer to the reader of the report and also grab the attention at once. You can also make a list of powerful verbs in order to save time and energy while making a report.Avoid run on sentences:Sometimes it becomes necessary to place multiple ideas together; however as a general rule you may limit the ideas up to three commas. This helps you to maintain good grammar in the notes and ensures easier readability. Hence the report will be impressive and presentable to the officers.

Clarity is important:You should aim to paint the picture of the event and all that occurred being specific as much as possible. Incidents like work-place harassment are sometimes vague in nature but a competent and skilled officer will enter the accurate things with additional information.Outline key facts:Just like nursing notes the police report should contain contradictory facts and events observed at the time of incident is recommended highly professional police reporting as the cases like work-place harassment need more deeper level of thinking as well as experience to report.

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