5 Steps To Managing Negative Feedback in Your Spa

Customer Service is the cornerstone of your business. What are you to do when it’s not good and you are receiving negative feedback? Maybe you are hearing grumblings from employees or managers, comments here and there about things that you “thought” you were on top of. You check your social channels and see negative feedback, then you see that bookings are low and revenues are dropping. It’s time to dig deep and find out what is going on. Managing negative feedback can be easy with the following 5 steps:First, don’t overreact, but know there are issues. Set up meetings with your top team members and ask pointed questions. You need to uncover issues that they may be too afraid to tell you, for fear of hurting another team member.

Second, call your top 10 clients and talk to them about their experiences at your spa, or conduct a survey through Survey Monkey with an incentive for filling it out, and email to your client list. Statistics show that bad customer service news travels fast:Third, secret shop your location. Hire a spa consulting company or a friend to call, book and have a series of treatments at your location. Have them note how long it took to answer the phone, the tone and pleasantness of the receptionist, how accommodating and informative they are. During the visit, how were they greeted, educated about the treatment, noise level, music, professionalism, and the check out process. You want to have every step of the experience documented.Four, compile an action list. Divide your list into categories: operations, front desk, services, social media, products, facility, and staffing. Write your actionable items in the areas that they fall into and formulate a plan. You may have front desk booking issues, problems between staff members, issues with service execution, inconsiderate staff, poor telephone etiquette.Five, share the news. Pick the top 5 issues on which you can take immediate corrective action. Hold a staff meeting and share the feedback, the good and the bad. Look at negative feedback as an opportunity for growth. Ask yourself:

“What are we learning? and How can we make it better?”Set weekly customer service goals for your team and give frequent feedback to them, both good and bad. Hire an expert for customer service training and get your vendor partners involved. Set standards and processes for all spa operations and conduct monthly view of your spa operations manual. Follow up with all client appointments and make it easy for clients to “talk” with you.Constantly strive for continuous improvement. It doesn’t happen overnight, but make customer service the main focus of your business and you will see your spa business bloom.

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