3 Reasons Why You Should Regularly Pump Your Grease Trap  

Running a restaurant or commercial kitchen comes with a lot of daily tasks, and maintaining a grease trap should be at the top of priorities. Since its purpose is to prevent food waste and fats, oils and grease from entering the sewage system, you need to pump it regularly and make sure that it keeps running smoothly.

You should pump your grease trap every 30-90 days, more frequently if your restaurant or commercial kitchen is very busy. Here are the top reasons why.

Preventing Backups

If you don’t regularly pump your grease trap and properly dispose of all the waste that accumulates in there, you may face backups that not only can damage your sewer system but can also lead to pretty expensive repairs.

Protecting the Environment and Your Workforce

If your grease trap gets blocked, it can cause leakage that damages the environment. The accumulated toxic waste that starts leaking can seriously harm the environment, but it can also pose a great threat to the health of your workers. It also creates a very bad odor coming from the pipes, which definitely doesn’t make for a pleasant work environment.

Staying Compliant with the EPA Regulations 

You must always follow the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) regulations regarding the maintenance and pumping of your grease trap. Otherwise, you may face pretty hefty fines, not to mention that your business establishment may be shut down.

Therefore, pump your grease trap on a regular basis and it will always run smoothly and effectively. Moreover, your restaurant or commercial kitchen will always be a safe, healthy, and pleasant environment that people will love.

If you are operating in the San Francisco Bay area, make sure you get in touch with San Francisco grease trap cleaning experts to schedule your grease trap pumping and effectively avoid any potential problems.

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