Get Your Articles Published – READ and OBEY the Terms of Service

As the owner and chief editor of an article directory I literally get to see hundreds of articles each and every day – and not all of them get approved. This is not something any editor does lightly as we know people take time and effort to produce their articles and no one likes rejection. In fact some people may give up writing all together if rejected too many times. Others will continue to spam the article directories hoping that simple numbers will finally succeed. They won’t succeed with the best article directories. The best article directories are human edited. This is important because otherwise the internet would become nothing more than a bunch of computer programs talking to one another. The most important thing on the internet is the user – genuine human traffic – and human traffic will only come back for “real” content. Hence why human editors are the internet’s most important asset – they keep the internet ‘human friendly’.

That said and now knowing that the best places to submit your articles are places where you will come across a human editor – how do you get that human to approve your articles?1) READ and FOLLOW the Terms for service -If you expect to be treated with respect – respect the editors and comply with the terms of service. If the directory refuses to accept articles on steroids – then expect to be instantly banned when you submit an article on steroids. Don’t expect a second chance from a person who has to get through hundreds of articles each and every day. I even banned my top author when he stopped complying with the terms of service – whether you’ve submitted one article – or are submitting number 10,000 – comply with the terms of service2) Don’t Go link crazy -Too many links gives your reader too many options – a good editor will ban your article is you fail to comply with their link limit.3) Write them Yourself -Don’t get lazy and turn to a computer program to generate your articles for you. They never read well and if an editor believes your using one you will probably be banned. The best content comes from that amazing machine the human mind. The search engine spiders are attracted to human content – not computer content.4) NEVER SPAMArticle directories are for articles with CONTENT – not a short ad blurb – Spam and you will be banned.5) Provide a variety of articles.Although you may want to dominate a niche – don’t just submit articles on one topic only. As an editor you quickly get use to an author who writes on only one topic and it doesn’t take long before that writer’s articles become a carbon copy – I mean you can only say so much about any one topic – and a good editor will ban their article directory from becoming over stuffed about a topic.

6) In case of problems – contact supportIf you get banned or keep having your articles rejected – email the editor and ask why? (Unless your deliberately ignoring the email notifications explaining why.) We are all human beings and open to providing help or re-activating an account if you’ve learned your lesson and promise to behave.Remember the terms of service are actually there to benefit you long term as an author and to benefit the long term health of the directory. You wouldn’t go to a site just full of spam – so don’t do the same yourself. Remember that certain things are illegal in nearly every country – trying to submit an article on steroids or illegal drugs just shows one thing – you’ve probably been taking too much of your own product – wake up to yourself and stop disrespecting yourself, others and the law.

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