I Need to Start Making Money – What Do I Do?

If you are late in your rent payments or you just have a debt that you have to pay and you don’t have much time to pay it, what do you do to make money online? This is a classic question posed on many different webmaster and internet marketing forums. The truth of the matter is that the only person preventing you from making money right now is yourself. The truth is that you already have the tools to start making money online. Am I lying to you? It is the complete truth. If you have social media accounts like Twitter and Facebook, have friends online and email people, you have the raw ingredients to start making money online. All it takes is the proper motivation, focus and game plan. This is what you need to do to quickly make money online.

Here are the fastest tips1. Apply to an affiliate programThere are many affiliate programs out there. What you need to do is to look at your current list of friends on Facebook and Twitter, email list and figure out what these people need. Then start looking at affiliate programs that cater to these people. Are they looking for hosting, go to Bluehost. For make-money online programs, show them the products that work. There are just so many affiliate programs that meet any kind of need. So figure the people you are dealing with and their needs then look for providers that meet those needs.2. CommunicateMaking money online is like Zen Buddhism, you can do things without doing things. Without interacting with people, you could actually be selling them. Just interact with all your friends on Facebook, like and share things, get on their face, be social and really bond with them.3. ListenListen to people. They will ask for all sorts of advice and information. Give that information to them. Do the legwork and search for free information online. Do this for all your friends. Build trust.

4. SellOnce you have built trust, you can then put an affiliate link next to the information that you find for these people. Once they have opened their minds and hearts to you, you can start selling them. Do this part last. When you do it first, you are a spammer and not a friend. You have to build trust first.This is the fastest way to make money online. Working with what you already have and using free tools.

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